No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers or there staff for any loss or damage or injury however caused.   Remember horse riding can be a dangerous sport , so make sure your covered by your own insurance.


Saturday the 12th - Deborah Carpenter Dressage Clinic Please pm direct

Saturday the 26th - Deborah Carpenter Dressage Clinic Please pm direct

Sunday the 27th - TWRC Show Jumping


2nd  - Pendarves British Show Jumping

3rd - Club Show Jumping

Saturday 9th - Unaffiliated Dressage series

Saturday the 16th- Deborah Carpenter Dressage Clinic  please pm direct.

23rd- Cornish Show Jumping Club

30th - NPS Showing Event



Saturday the 7th- Cornish Showjumping Club

Saturday 14th- Pendarves Unaffiliated Dressage Series

Sunday the 15th- Pendarves Unaffiliated Show Jumping

Wednesday the 18th - Mid week unaffiliated Show Jumping

Saturday the 21st - Troon Showing Day

Sunday the 22nd - Western Hunt Pony Club Mini Championship Qualifier and Open Show.

Saturday the 28th - Troon BS Show jumping


Sunday the 5th - Threewaters Riding Club Showing Show

Sunday the 12th - Pendarves Unaffiliated Dressage Series

Saturday the 18th - Cornish Show Jumping Club

Tuesday the 28th- Western Hunt Pony Club School Team Show Jumping

Wednesday the 29th - Mid Week Unaffiliated Show Jumping


Saturday 2nd- Laima Davies Test Riding Clinic

Saturday 9th - Pendarves Unaffiliated Dressage Series

17th - Threewaters Riding Club Mini One Day Event

24th Pendarves Unaffiliated Show Jumping

30th - Cornish Show Jumping Club


Wednesday the 3rd - Mid Week Unaffiliated Show Jumping

Saturday 13th - Pendarves Unaffiliated Dressage Series

20th - Cornish Show Jumping Club

27th - Pendarves British Show Jumping


Wednesday the 7th  - Mid Week Unaffiliated Show Jumping

10th - Cornish Show Jumping Final

Sunday 11th - Pendarves Unaffiliated Dressage Series- FINAL!

18th - Pendarves Unaffiliated Show Jumping

25th Threewaters Riding Club Show Jumping


22nd - Pendarves Unaffiliated Show Jumping Final