As a condition of entry, competitors are required to adhere to government restrictions and

                                                          follow all guidance outlined by British Show jumping                                                  



         When entering you will be asked to provide names of those attending on the day this is essential. This WILL be check by security   at the main gate and only those on the list we be permitted entry to the grounds. Unfortunately, there will be no spectators


          On arrival each vehicle will be checked by security. All competitors must leave a minimum 5m space between lorries/trailers and must not leave horses tied up                                                                                                                 outside unattended.

                By clicking on the Online Entries Button below you will to navigated to

                                                  its plain sailing to enter go to Events

                  If you are entering a Club Class and do not have BS Horse membership

            please insert a 1 in Horse Number fields and put the letters of the ticket in the ticket field

                      Also if you are not on a Day Ticket please also insert a NO in that field

New T&C For Competitors
Amended T&C
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Prize Money Claim Form
Download and return please e-mail
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Site Plan and Competitior movements
Site Layout Covid-19 .pdf
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