Pendarves Show jumping


Pendarves Events Centre, Killivose, Near Camborne, TR14 9LQ




Sunshine Tour Qualifiers and Points towards Pendarves League


Schedule A


Course Builder – Bernard Waters


Judge – Sally Weedon.




March 29th – Sunday


April 26th -Sunday


June 3rd Wednesday


July 1st- Wednesday


August 5th- Wednesday




Class1. 40cm Lead Rein


Class 2. 40cm Restricted Novice


Class 3. 50cm Restricted Novice


Class 4. 50cm Open


Class 5. 60cm Restricted Novice


Class 6. 60cm Open


Class 7. 70cm Open


Class 8 80cm Open




Schedule B




May 20th


June 24th


July 22nd


August 19th


Course Builder – John Murrish


Judge Michaela Murrish and Sally Weedon




Class 1.55cm Open


Class 2. 65 cm Open


Class 3. 70cm Open


Class 4. 75cm Open


Class 5. 80cm Open


Class 6. 90cm Open


Class 7. 1 Meter Open


Show jumping classes will be divided into Junior and Senior sections


All classes will be Single Phase.


(Juniors 17 and under) . Rosettes to 6th place.


Points awarded to members only.


ENTRY FEES:                 £7.00


Entries on the day.




Competition run under British Riding Club rules.


Please ensure you pick up any muck from the lorry park


For any queries please call Sally on 0785363731








No responsibility will be excepted by the organisers or their staff for loss or damage or injury.   Remember horse riding can be a dangerous sport, so make sure your covered by your own insurance.


All shows will be held under our 'Horse Riders' Code of Conduct' Disclaimer.