PONY CLUB Spring Festival Preliminary Rounds





SUNDAY 10th October 2021 starting at 10 a.m.


10 am to 11 am Clear Round Jumping at 50 and 60cms – help may be given


Class 1a Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 50cms

1b 9 and under (age on 1st Jan 2021).


Class 2 Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 60cms


Class 3 Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 70cms


Class 4 Mini/Major Jumping Pairs jumping 50cms and 90cms

Mini to be 11years and under. The mini will jump first part of the course and then enter box where Major is waiting, Major can leave the box when Mini has entered and will then jump the remaining course. Each section will be timed. PC members to pair up together


Class 5 Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 80cms

Class 5b Incorporating Pony Club Debut Spring Festival qualifier


Class 6 Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 90cms

Class 6b Incorporating Pony Club Challenge Spring Festival qualifier


Class 7 Open Jumping Jumps not to exceed 1m


All classes are open to members and non-members.

All classes (apart from class 1b and 4) are open to competitors of any age.


Spring Festival Qualifiers – PC Debut 80cms and PC Challenge 90cms.

Open to any Pony Club members or potential members. (See rules for restrictions) You do not have to be a member to qualify but must join before taking part in the area final.

The first 4 competitors qualify for the Area Final r- tbc The National Championship will be on 8th to 10th April at Arena OK


Rosettes to 6th place.

Classes may be divided into adults and children’s (16 and under) sections if appropriate.


Cups will be awarded to the Best Four Burrow Member in each class as follows: - 9 and under Cup and Penmellyn Cup (class 1); Carn Brea Cup (class 2); Sarita Cup (class 3); Brown Heath Cup (class 4)Winners Cup and Trenissick Woodland Valley Cup (class 5) and Trenissick Championship Cup (class 6)


Refreshments available


Pre entries:

£9 per class

Classes 5b and 6b £10 per class


For more information contact Karen Tozer 07972 823458