All classes are single phase


To include qualifiers for the Barrier Health Spring Festival Area Final

held on 12/03/2022 at The Grange EC, Northlew Road, Okehampton, EX20 3DA,

with National Final 8-10 April Arena UK

and qualifiers for the Mini Championships at Bicton in August 2022



Class 1 Pony Club 40 cm Mini Qualifiers

1a 40 cm led (10 & under); 1b 40 cm assisted (12 & under); 1c 40 cm unassisted (14 & under)

Class 2 Pony Club 50 Mini Qualifier

Classes 1-2 are PC qualifiers for the August 2022 Pony Club Mini Championships – individuals and teams



Class 3 OPEN 60 cm

Class 4 OPEN 70 cm

Class 5 OPEN Including Pony Club Barrier Health Spring Festival Debut Qualifier 80 cm

Class 6 OPEN Including Pony Club Barrier Health Spring Festival Challenge Qualifier 90 cm

Class 7 OPEN 100 cm


£10 per class. Rosettes to 6th place. Classes may be split 16 years and under/ 17 years and over, depending on class entries.


Entries close on 1st November. Times will be posted on Western PC website on Thursday 4 November.

Entries via website: https://branches.pcuk.org/western/

Online Booking/ Scroll down to 7 November.

Refreshments available

Rules for Barrier Health Spring Festival can be found here: https://pcuk.org/sports/show-jumping/competitions-and-events/barrier-animal-health-spring-festival-show-jumping/



General Rules

Riders must be correctly dressed; tack must be safe to use and adhere to the Pony Club rules regarding equipment allowed for show jumping. Parents/trainers should make themselves aware of these rules. A brief tack check at a safe distance will take place, but the responsibility will lie with guardians/riders if the tack is unsafe as we will not be able to check stitching, etc.

The organisers have taken every precaution to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organiser and all officials and stewards. Save for any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for the organiser to exclude or restrict liability, neither the organisers of this event, nor the Pony Club, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies, nor the landlord or the tenant of the site, accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, illness or injury to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, vehicles or trailers, their contents or accessories, or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever. Entries are only accepted on this basis.

The Judge’s decision is final.

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without stating a reason and also to eliminate any competitor who in their opinion places themselves or others in danger or fails to observe the rules.


PC Team Show Jumping rules

Teams to be of 3 or 4 riders and the best 3 scores will count.

• Declarations from PC Team Managers for Classes 1 & 2 teams and individual, to be emailed to the Secretary by 2 November 2021. tiekens@hotmail.co.uk

• LEAD REIN RIDERS - must remain on the lead rein at all times whilst in the ring including entering and leaving the ring and whilst warming up. Any breach will incur a 10-point penalty.

• ASSISTED TEAMS - One adult is allowed to assist in the ring whilst the competitor jumps his/her round. PLEASE NOTE - No contact to be made with rider or pony whilst in the ring including entering and leaving the ring. Any breach will incur a 10-point penalty.

• One competitor may ride no more than two horses/ponies in the same team, each horse/pony may only compete once in the class. Ponies to be 5 years and over.

• PC Classes 1-2: Top 2 Pony Club teams and top 3 Pony Club Individuals not in a top 2 qualifying team will qualify for the Regional Pony Club Mini Championships at Bicton at the end of August 2022 in each section.

Covid 19 Rules will be applicable as in force on that date

• Social distancing is to be practised at all times.

• The latest COVID guidance from Pony Club is available here https://pcuk.org/coronavirus-advice/

• No spectators in the warm-up area. The warm-up arena will be stewarded and only a maximum of five competitors may be in the warm-up at the same time. The steward may limit numbers further at their discretion.

• Jumps in the warm-up arena may not exceed the height of the jumps in the ring.

• Riders should maintain a suitable horse distance apart from other competitors at all times.